Stand Up Padle in Funchal

Madeira has 150KM of delightfull Coastline to discover...

...don`t worry! we`ve got you covered with the best 1.5KM

Kayak and SUP activities

As close to nature as possible

During our Kayak or SUP experiences you will be spending most of the time right in the water, enjoying what nature has to offer for this day - even if it is a windy gust or a few drops of liquid sunshine

Our most enviromentaly friendly experience yet!

100% Carbon-neutral experience. Guaranteed!
From your own-strenght padling until our own-strenght carrying the material out of the water. There is not a single drop of fuel or other energy used.

Burn some Calories included

Motivation will come by itself once on the water, burning some of that holiday extra-weight will be as easy as you gained it with us!

Thanks to the oceans reflection, gaining some tan on the water is always way efectiver and more balanced then elsewhere.

Get sun-tanned evenly