Swim and Snorkel with Dolphins

Spice up your Dolphin and Whale Boat tour with the add-on option to get as close as possible to wild Dolphins!

Being in the water just meters (or sometimes even centimeters) away of wild dolphins is every persons dream! Happy and unharmed animals who enjoy spending time around us. Choose this sustainable option rather than a similar experience in oceanariums or marine zoos.

Dolphins can choose if they enjoy our presence, and can easily just leave at their free will! Please always keep in mind - these are wild animals and therefore we cannot guarantee how their reaction will be to our in-water presence.

Snorkeling with a wild dolphin, Madeira
Snorkeling with a wild dolphin, Madeira

Guaranteed Sightings

We guarantee sightings on all of our ceatacean boat trips!

In case that during your trip there is no sighting of any cetacean species, we will invite you to join another trip free of charge within 1 year time. (as long as availability allows)

In case you have booked the "Swimming with Dolphins" options, and we could not provide this to you, you will be refunded the add-on amount payed for this.

Spotted Dolphins with Xpoint Boat in Funchal
Spotted Dolphins with Xpoint Boat in Funchal
Common Dolphins in Madeira
Common Dolphins in Madeira

Which Dolphin species do we snorkel with?

To preserve and protect animal wellbeing there are laws in place, after which we gladly set up our experiences. In the Madeira Archipelago we are allowed to Swim and Snorkel with the bellow species of Marine Ceataceans

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Stenella Frontalis

Common Dolphin
Delphinus delphis