Boat Cruising with happy people south of Madeira

Choose your Boat Tour

Will it rather be a Wildlife-filled Ceatacean trip, a coastal delights sightseeing or sunset trip with a speed boat? Alternatively we`ve got an enjoyable relaxed trip on a slower sailing boat!

Swimming with dolphins in Madeira
Swimming with dolphins in Madeira

Swimming with Dolphins

Have you ever dreamed about swimming alongside wild dolphins? It is a magical once in a lifetime experience!

Now you can join one of our trips and opt for this add-on option.

While we take care to protect our wildlife, and follow regulations for animal preservation - chances to actually get in the water lay at around 50% of all trips.

Costal Sailing boat at cabo Girao Cliff, Madeira
Costal Sailing boat at cabo Girao Cliff, Madeira

Not a Speed Boat fan?

Great, we got you covered with the perfect boat for more easy and relaxed trips with family and friends!

Contact us to find out more about our private trips with the sailing boat! You can comfortablly fit up to 8 persons when chartering the vessel.

boat in Cabo Girao
boat in Cabo Girao

Have your own boat, for real!!

If you enjoy your privacy, or just planning a trip for family and friends we have got the perfect solution!

Cruise in style - have the whole boat for yourself!

We guarantee the Boat is all yours for the trip (CREW included), bring up to 18 passengers, pay only one fixed price.

Boat Trips from Funchal

All of our excursions start from the islands capital city - Funchal. Close to most accomodations and other attractions around.

Sustainability/ Eco-awareness

We run a young and eco-friendly fleet of excursion Boats, regular training is provided to our Crews to adapt all activities and actions to preserve this wonderfull enviroment we have.

Daily Marine Wildlife Excursions

We run daily trips, for your convenience

Smallest Group-sizes

The smaller the boat and group - the better the animal interactions and the less impact we have on their behaviours. Also for your convenience we are proud to operate one of the smallest group size trips available.